Simple and effective ways to treat varicose veins using folk remedies at home

Varicose veins are a common condition that occurs quite frequently. Cardinal treatments that involve the use of medication or surgery are not affordable for everyone.

Alternatively, use folk remedies to treat varicose veins at home. There are many inexpensive ways to reduce protruding veins.

Varicose veins on the leg how to treat folk remedies

Is it possible to treat varicose veins with folk remedies?

Vascular pathology is diagnosed in people of different ages, which is caused by thinning of the walls of blood vessels, as well as the formation of aneurysm-like enlargements. More often the disease is observed in women.

The main method of treatment for severe forms includes surgical operation. In the early stages, it is advisable to use a medicinal approach and folk remedies.

In what stages is it permissible

According to experts, folk remedies are not a complete substitute for treatment. Therefore, before using this or that method, you should consult your doctor. Pathology can be suppressed in the initial stages of its development.

In total, varicose veins have four stages. The first is mostly symptom-free. Sometimes there may be a feeling of heaviness in the legs, tiredness when walking, or other exertion. There is a slight swelling on the lower extremities that can be easily removed with a diuretic.

The characteristic symptoms are more pronounced at the beginning of the second stage of the disease. Protruding nodules can be seen on the legs. Added to the primary sensations: numbness, itching, pain.

The third stage is accompanied by severe pain, a noticeable thickening of the veins and their deformation. They feel hard, the pain syndrome practically does not go away. At this stage, profuse bleeding may occur, which can be removed with the help of a doctor. The fourth stage is characterized by severe symptoms. The use of folk remedies as the main therapy is out of the question.

Important! Taking into account the characteristic signs of each stage, the conclusion is obvious: it is advisable to use alternative medicine for the treatment of varicose veins at the first and second stages. It is important to remember that all measures must be coordinated with the attending physician.

The best folk methods

Treatment with folk methods, with the correct choice of means and procedures, has a high therapeutic effect.


Gymnastics for varicose veins

You can relieve your veins through specific exercises. They last no more than 20 minutes a day, but when done daily they have great effectiveness in treating and preventing varicose veins.

  1. An imitation of cycling with legs from a "supine position" or "sitting in a chair". You need to spin imaginary pedals for 10 minutes. Real cycling is a great alternative.
  2. From the "sitting on a chair" position, make alternating circular movements with your feet. The direction also changes clockwise and vice versa.
  3. Standing squats. Repeat 20 to 50 times.
  4. Lunge to the side with alternating use of the left and then the right leg.
  5. Raising the legs from a sitting or lying position with fixation on a support for 20-40 minutes. The height of the socks should be 20-30 cm above the level of the heart. This exercise can be carried out at rest or while reading books.

Water process

Water treatments have long been recognized as one of the cheapest and most effective ways to treat varicose veins. Foot baths can be used for both acute and chronic disease processes.

The essence of the method lies in influencing the lower extremities with water of different temperatures and physical conditions. Steam, ice, comfortably warm and cool liquids, or decoctions on medicinal plants can be used. The choice depends on the etiology of the varicose veins and the course of the disease.

To restore normal blood flow, the following measures are recommended:

  • contrasting shower feet;
  • cold showers;
  • walking barefoot on the water;
  • Wrapping in compresses with the addition of ice;
  • Baths for the whole body;
  • Foot baths with medicinal decoctions.


To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of varicose veins, massage is recommended. It is worth resorting to the procedure if there are no contraindications. Of the existing types of physical manipulations, the following are recommended:

  1. Water;
  2. Lymphatic drainage;
  3. Thai.

Hydromassage is performed in spas or special medical facilities. The essence of the procedure is to massage the legs with a jet of water with regulated pressure. The temperature of the environment is adjusted so that it is comfortable for human perception. Manipulations will help relax, relieve pain in the lower extremities, restore blood flow to the veins and blood vessels.

The lymphatic drainage massage accelerates the lymphatic drainage, restores proper blood flow and relieves pain. The method involves the use of bottom-up brushing elements. Light pressure on certain areas is controlled. Pain and discomfort are not felt during the session.

Thai massage is often prescribed in the first stage of the disease. When choosing a salon, you need to pay special attention to the skill of the master. He has to master all the subtleties of technology. Manipulations are performed on the lower limbs, wrists, palms and elbows. The relaxing effect is created by aromatic oils.

Relation!A phlebologist will help you choose an appropriate type of massage. When reaching a judgment, the specialist takes into account the condition of the ships. This determines the technique of manipulations and the number of sessions.

Traditional medicine recipes

Of the huge number of recipes for varicose veins, the following options are incredibly popular.

Garlic ointment

The medicine is made from white garlic that has previously been peeled and put through a press. For 1 part of garlic pulp, 2 parts of butter are used. The resulting mixture is applied to the skin on the legs, where there is deformity of the veins or severe pain is felt. The compress is placed under the parchment and wrapped in a warm scarf. Leave the product on the limbs overnight.

Sour milk with wormwood

Both ingredients are used for the compress. Fresh wormwood should be crushed in a mortar and mixed with sour milk. Gently soak the gauze in the resulting mixture and wrap the sore legs with it. Let the compress sit overnight. You need to do the procedures every day for 5 days. After a 2-week break, it is advisable to repeat the course.

Nettle infusion

Stinging nettle (2 tablespoons) is poured over with boiling water (250 ml) and left to steep for at least 2 hours. The filtered liquid is taken orally three times a day in a quarter glass. The course lasts 1 month (you can repeat the treatment after a two-week break).

Nutmeg Drink

The main ingredient in crushed form must be poured with boiling water (200 ml). Mix liquid honey (1 tbsp L. ) into the liquid and let it steep for 30-60 minutes. Consume 200 ml daily on an empty stomach.

Kalanchoe rub

Pour fresh Kalanchoe leaves with alcohol (70%) and put them in a dark room for infusion. Shake the mixture every day. After 2 weeks, it is filtered and used to rub the legs. The procedures should be done daily before bedtime.

Chestnut tincture

Mix 0. 5 l of alcohol and chestnut blossoms (50 g) in a glass container, place in a dark place for infusion. The vessel must be shaken regularly. The product is ready to use after 2 weeks. Take 1 tbsp three times a day. l. , washed off with purified water. Take medication half an hour before meals.

The effectiveness of such treatment

Leg pain with varicose veins

Folk remedies, unfortunately, cannot completely get rid of varicose veins. With an integrated approach, however, unconventional methods are a good complement to the prescribed therapy.

It is also worth remembering that medicinal plants do not give quick results. It takes at least 3-6 weeks to show positive momentum.

When using folk remedies, you need to take into account the degree of their effect on the body and tolerance to the drugs prescribed by your doctor. Before using decoctions and tinctures, the risk of possible side effects and contraindications should be assessed. Own knowledge in this matter is often not enough, therefore one cannot do without the consultation of a specialist.

Relation!The effectiveness of folk recipes is high if they are used in the first and second stages of varicose veins. If the disease is more advanced, drastic measures are required.


Treatment of veins is not always possible at home. Therefore, a well-designed regimen with clear instructions is required. Uncontrolled use of folk remedies leads to negative consequences:

  1. Decrease in drug therapy (if it is carried out in parallel with the use of decoctions and tinctures);
  2. an allergic reaction to the components of the composition;
  3. burns on the skin from improper use of the compress;
  4. Rupture of blood vessels, thrombophlebia (occurs when there are contraindications to a specific drug).

It is impossible to rely solely on folk recipes for the treatment of varicose veins, especially when it comes to the 3rd and 4th degrees of the disease. The use of surgical intervention solves the problem at this stage. Many homemade products are dangerous if:

  • Thromboembolism;
  • Deposition of a large amount of blood in the affected vessels;
  • the course of the disease with cramps in the calf muscles;
  • Aggravation of vascular insufficiency.

Features of treatment during pregnancy

When determining the regimen of therapy during pregnancy, experts prefer heparin-based drugs, phlebotonics and phlebotropic formulations. Because of the rapid progression of venous disease, surgery is recommended for women in a sensitive position. Reasons for implementation:

  • non-healing trophic ulcers with bloody discharge;
  • a pronounced form of thrombophlebitis with damage to the lower extremity.

The operation during pregnancy is performed exclusively by scraping with a microprobe. With this device, the surgeon removes the affected areas from the veins.

Relation!The scraping method is characterized by freedom from pain, rapid recovery after the operation and safety for the fetus.

From folk recipes, the following means are credible:

  1. Teas made from clover blossoms, strawberry leaves;
  2. apply a compress of sour milk (200 ml) and wormwood (1 tbsp. l. ), morning and evening for 15 minutes;
  3. Compress from hop cone tincture;
  4. Rubbing pharmacy chamomile, previously infused in vegetable oil (applied to the inflammatory areas of the limbs).

Many herbal ingredients can strengthen the uterus. Therefore, self-medication is a threat to the health of women and children. All folk recipes must be agreed with the attending physician.

The use of folk remedies for the prevention of varicose veins

The main preventive measure of VRV is lifestyle change. It ensures increased physical activity with moderate exertion. If your job is sedentary, you must take a 10-minute break every hour to do simple lower limb exercises. This will help avoid stagnation in the circulatory system.

The diet is also checked. Most products should be of vegetable origin. The use of fresh gifts from the garden and garden is encouraged. And the fat content must be strictly controlled.

To prevent the formation of nodules on the veins and other deformations, it is recommended to use compression tights. Moderate narrowing will help improve blood flow.

Relation!Experts recommend daily walks in the fresh air. You don't have to take the time to do this. You can get up a few stops earlier on the way home and walk the rest of the way.

Preventive measures against the development of varicose veins are the controlled wearing of high-heeled shoes. When you get to work, you need to wear more comfortable shoes. The daily stress on the legs from high altitude leads to a circulatory disorder.


First evaluation, female, 53 years old

She worked as a teacher all her life. I spent most of the day on my feet. After 40 years, I noticed that my legs tired quickly and venous nodules appeared on the surface of the skin. The employee advised making compresses from yogurt and wormwood. For 2 months I performed procedures and ate foods that were low in fat and high in fiber.

To fortify the body with omega-3 acids, I used fish oil. I've been in treatment all summer. I started the new school year as an absolutely healthy person. As a preventive measure, I continue to follow a certain diet and exercise my legs.

Second evaluation, male, 35th

I have been working as a system administrator for over 10 years. I began to notice discomfort and pain in my legs. The doctor made a disappointing verdict - the initial stages of varicose veins. In addition to the medicinal gel, he recommended special exercises and foot baths in a brew made from pine bark. A month later, feeling relieved, I walked home and went to work. At the same time, there is no leg fatigue.

Third evaluation, female, 48 years old

The appearance of stars on my legs and nodules was perceived with horror, because I work in the theater, in full view. I went to the doctor immediately and heard about varicose veins for the first time. Fortunately, the disease progressed slowly, with no serious consequences. The specialist advised doing compresses with decoctions of herbs and doing exercises for the lower extremities. I also prescribed a vitamin complex.

I tried not to miss any of the recommendations and after 1. 5 months I saw positive changes. Now I do preventative measures every six months to keep the disease from developing further.